Saturday, August 21, 2010

Of the Earth

Saturday, July 10, 2010

April '09-June '10 Collected Recollections

I am collecting poetry for a chap book that I plan on printing soon. I am amassing all the little scribbles, napkins, indecipherable passages and re working it. What follows are four chunks that stand relatively on their own. I am finding a lot more musings than I expected. So as follows... a short preview of what may or may not make it to the chap book.


has me looking up.

under my own shoes

in boxes I already know the contents of

searching for what?

I can’t remember now.

hoping to recognize when I find it.

Ambiguity hiding as a golden whiskey,

till the glass is empty.

Your words drip ambiguity.

they came out of the SAY NOTHING bible.

the give her no hope version.

Ambiguity has settled where it feels like my veins.

a maze of blood highways

taking me now where?

Ask me those questions I hate to answer.

loose plans, unsent letters.

excuse me for being vague.


floats over me

a net dropped on my head.

If it was tangible

I would gnaw out

but only end up

gnashing my teeth

on nothing.


the color of another darkening sky.


of knowing exactly what you have to do.


She pulled the hat way down.

half mumbling.

But it was the feeling

I could overhear

and my mind filled in the blanks.

Wind whipped and laughing.

Inhalation with a pulse.

forgotten not too long after.

I learned in these spaces

the rhythmic flow of our banter-

brought meaning to

the white moths and swirling clouds

that inhabit my dreams.

An understanding forged in a friendship.

And I believe it when you tell me

You will see me next rotation.

A thousand cast bits.

Recycled history

in the pellets of silver that harden and cool

as soon as they hit the water.

Lost in the burning top of a broom

Also I need your copper electrical wire, any size, any condition.
I have a series of projects in mind.

Friday, July 9, 2010

I wanted an audience.

A rapt partner in my revelry

to no longer feel so deeply

my soliloquy.