Saturday, August 25, 2012

Arriving to SF

Anna Perry gave me a ride to Reno NV on Thursday. We stayed with her friends Sam and Liz. Sam Did a very impressive bike tour in 2010. It was very good to hear some of his tips and stories of his journey. Friday was a rush of activity. Anna and I went shopping for some gear and visited the Reno bike project. Their non-profit bike shop was very cool, if you are around there I suggest checking it out.

I found a craigslist ride to San Francisco, but he was leaving from Tahoe. Anna was kind enough to drop me off up there. I rode around South Lake Tahoe quite a bit. There was road construction and my bike was loaded way more than I will have it for the long journey. So instead of riding on the torn up sidewalks I took a lane but still ended up accidentally knocking over a couple road cones when traffic veered closely to me.

I met my ride Skylr on a pier and hung out with his friends. They were an awesome group of people and we sat there chatting in the sunset. We strapped my xtracycle radish to his dinky jetta and set off. It was a very pleasant drive till Valejo when the wind kicked up and made me fear for the bike. I made Skylr stop twice so we could try to keep it from sailing off, although it was very well strapped down. My bike and I made it safe and sound. Skylr is a forest service firefighter. Some how I always run into firefighters when I need them, so I really appreciate them.

Today I slept in very pleasantly and have been communing with the garden in the backyard. Feels good to be somewhere so cold and damp. My hair has gone all curly and frizzy and I am having a grand ol' time while looking crazy.

Friday, April 8, 2011


This blog will not be updated very frequently as you all know. YET I have a new blog that will be updated very frequently in the next year. so please follow me at

lovely! thank you!

does not mean this one will never be revived.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Rose Quartz Earrings

These are rose quartz hanging from silver drops. They look good on as well, I am a terrible jewelry model though. The stones are gorgeous. Being that they are rose quartz they gently draw off negative energies and replace them with loving vibes. They are not very heavy either. I have gotten a lot of compliments on them. As you can tell I am on an earring kick. More to come. If you are interested in this or another pair send me a note.
Also the ear hooks look a bit bizarre because they secure so as not to lose the earrings while you go swimming.
 Also I found this cool poster in the mission.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Latest earrings

British coin earrings. Queen Elizabeth $45

Antique poker chip, sailboat earrings. $30

Antique poker chip airplane earrings $30

And of course the original poker chip earring from the DLC Bar. $50. This must be one of my pairs, it looks a little worn.

If you'd like a pair message me and it is easy as mailing you some bling!



Friday, February 4, 2011


I found some clay while I was digging! I think I might make something out of it.

I also found a new jewelry model. Buddha looks good in a ying yang necklace I made awhile back. The other one is a leaf and crescent moon. Lovely moon out tonight as well!


Location:My backyard SF

Kippy's birthday

Last night I made a dinner for Kippy's birthday! We had BBQ chicken, kebabs, fruit salad and my favorite home made pita bread! It was my first time making pita bread and it turned out fantastic! We got a new oven recently so I am rediscovering the joy of baking. Uncle Jeff bought me a 25lb bag of flour to inspire me.
Here is the recipe I used, I doubled it and made 24 or so little pitas. Pita bread recipe

It was a great dinner! Marcelo and El were also in attendance. And Randy got a haircut from our in house stylist! And he looks great, now I have to ask Marcelo if it is time for my hair to go as short!

Also thanks goes out to the DLC Gallery for showing my Jewelery for so long and mailing it back. I have a new model!


Location:Our house SF

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Exciting news

I pinned up a bunch of pictures of friends and family yesterday and the edges are already curling upwards. The sunshines brightly in my room all day. One of the warmest rooms in the house, I have accidentally cooked several plants. The patio outside is potentially the best place to grow a fantastic container garden.
Yesterday I bought hyacinth bean seeds and love-lies-bleeding to go with my other pretty flowers that are coming back. Also the black dahlia is going to bloom by the end of the week!

This isn't the most exciting news.

I am unemployed!
Again? You might think.
Well. Yes unfortunately because I liked my job.
Fortunately, however, I am now free to make things, garden, dance, get raucously drunk, and write sad self dissecting poetry on the deck late at night.

Most importantly I am free to make jewelry and pottery. Emily K who writes
has commissioned me for a bracelet. That is going to be really awesome because she sent me the measurements and told me to make whatever. So my fancy is running wild, I will post a picture when it doesn't look like I just tried to melt it into a charred mess.
So I know my blog has been defunkt for awhile but I have the time and resolution to think of and make good things to post.

So come back tomorrow to see what I have made!


Location:My workshop