Thursday, March 12, 2009

Drunken Dallas

This is one side of the Double Wide a hip dive bar in Dallas. I would recommend it to all who want cheap good drinks, a good varietal of music, and retro art vibe surroundings. It is a venue I haven't seen any acts there but would be more than enthused to do so while I am in Texas. My Jamesons I was drinking were bought for me but they were only 3 dollars apiece. The decorations would have been horrifying by themselves but as a whole worked out rather well. All the staff working that night seemed like cool cats and were extremely welcoming and friendly. It is not far down Commerce st I think its address is 3500. I was told this is the sketchy neighborhood but at 2 am I was the only sketchy person to be seen! The bar is a must see for kitsch and its outdoor patio.

note in mural above a franken Elvis.

I had a good 21st birthday at this bar and some others in Deep Ellum, I just wish I had more friends to take down there with me.

In other news of existence I am gaining a great appreciation of westerns. My Gpa watches them all the time and there are some that are pretty cool. And on another note I need another career I can no longer make jewelry. If you have any suggestions as to what I might be able to do I would greatly apprecaite them. I think this whole artist poet thing will drive me to my grave at 35 or so. I might still do it because it still sounds romantic to jump out the window of a hotel room in New Mexico after drinking too much absinthe and smuggling my lover over the border or something. But the whole thing is rather stressful being creative and such all the time. Some of my friends in college I imagine think, "oh I wish I was like Jennie making stuff, not having finals, drinking, writing..."

NOt so I desperately wish I was still in school at Evergreen. And try writing an essay without someone telling you to! Its hard. I went back and revised my whole 15 page paper from my last quarter I was in school on a whim. I was bored tired of being creative and not collegiate.

But mostly I think it is Texas. Texas is the reason!

And when I get to Mexico everything will be alright.

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