Friday, February 4, 2011

Kippy's birthday

Last night I made a dinner for Kippy's birthday! We had BBQ chicken, kebabs, fruit salad and my favorite home made pita bread! It was my first time making pita bread and it turned out fantastic! We got a new oven recently so I am rediscovering the joy of baking. Uncle Jeff bought me a 25lb bag of flour to inspire me.
Here is the recipe I used, I doubled it and made 24 or so little pitas. Pita bread recipe

It was a great dinner! Marcelo and El were also in attendance. And Randy got a haircut from our in house stylist! And he looks great, now I have to ask Marcelo if it is time for my hair to go as short!

Also thanks goes out to the DLC Gallery for showing my Jewelery for so long and mailing it back. I have a new model!


Location:Our house SF

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