Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Tinker Studio

I must be technologically inept. I can't put my little flash mini etsy shop anywhere!!!. I tried putting it up in vain on this blog and again on my facebook the only place it worked was myspace. Alas shit happens.
I have quite the little production going in a garage in Texas. It is the best nest I could wish for, there is a fridge with beer in it. I have a bunch of cool projects I am working on that I might not even try to sell because they will be too cool. The one will be a big necklace reminiscent of European war medals of the 18th century. I am making it out of three red stones, working title Communist Read. It has a United Nations 25th anniversary coin(1945-1970) I spent hours trying to saw apart exactly. I have made a lot of progress on it I am just trying to do it perfectly so I am taking it slow. The piercing has taken me the longest and assembly of all the parts will be difficult. The title refers to the difficulties writers faced in Russia, and their triumphs. With special focus on Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. The pattern pierced on the back of the red stones is brick like and red. In A day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich Ivan lays bricks all day and takes pride in his work in the gulag. I thought this was inspiring... pride in forced labor, but it is his only way to show his mettle, character, abilities. Ivan would look at my bricks and tell me they were screwed up. Of course this piece wont have a designated front or back but can be worn either way. And will have a better artists statement after I formulate all my ideas better.
I also have a small scale sculpture with a coin, rocks, leather, wooden beads, poker ship, silver on the theme of unrequited love but have been taking my time on it or still vainly hoping.
I have also started a little production line making copper books. In a jewelry class they will tell you not to clamp your metal together to saw it. Well I did it a couple times and they tell you not to do it because it is hard as hell but also quicker aka cheating. I got etching mordant for my copper so I can do some really cool stuff now.

With the photos of my studio above we will play a little search game.
FIND: wheelchair, daffodil bloom from the front yard, poker chips, my ipod, my phone, my pack of cigs, I am just joking. It is a busy little place. I was untying knots in a chain and someone came up behind me to look over my shoulder waited there for a minute watching me. It pisses me off so much when people do that come stand directly behind me when I am doing something. My Gpa came out while I was soldering and offered me a spoonful of tuna salad. Just kind of waved it in my face as my solder was about to flow and I was going to get a perfect conection. FUCK the tuna salad. So the only bad thing about my studio, is that to be left alone I have tell them to not talk to me on pain of a tongue lashing.

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