Sunday, April 19, 2009

What I have learned during my experimental hermit phase

  • Hoola hooping and singing is a good way to spend an evening.
  • Friends make all the difference in your sanity.
  • Reading can't replace your own life experience.
  • Having the tools you need at hand would be nice and was not fully appreciated by me till I had to work in my ghetto studio with no crucible or rolling mill.
  • I can get creative and make beautiful jewelry with few tools.
  • Pirates think I am the cats pajamas.
  • Training a puppy is hard, also puppies are cute. and bad.
  • Drinking alone is not very fun. George Thorogood lied to me.
  • Yoga is awesome.
  • I can't support myself using etsy, I need a job.
  • Smoking is boring and expensive.
  • I learned how to quit.
  • I learned how to enjoy being alone.
  • I also found out that I am beautiful.
  • poetry needs a muse, you can't write a thing if you don't feel like it.
    no matter how much poetry you read or how shitty you feel.
  • I did cartwheels well for the first time in my life.
  • frogs are annoying
  • a fried egg in the morning with some drip coffee is the best breakfast, you can eat it everyday and still like it. though granola and raisins also helps make it good sometimes.
  • cars make me anxious, angry, nervous, sick. they hurt my head. avoid them!
  • I found out what a real electrical storm looks like. I have felt it rumble my ribs and I will miss it.
  • places where everyone knows your name are nice.
  • I need to see my friends.

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  1. George might drink alone, but he never said it was any fun.